It’s January and a lot of us are on a health kick after an indulgent Christmas. If you’re a gym bunny, you’ve probably heard that having caffeine before hitting the gym has been shown to be beneficial. But what are the reasons behind this? We’ve looked into four ways that coffee could improve your workout experience.

Caffeine eases muscle pain

A study from the University of Illinois1 found that an intake of caffeine just before a workout, lessens the perception of muscle pain. This means you can power through your workout for longer, potentially making it even more effective.

Caffeine also been shown to cut the symptoms of Delayed Onset Muscle Strain (that pain you get a day or two after your workout) if taken just after exercise2.

Coffee can improve your memory

Ever been to a gym class and struggled to follow the routines? Well it might not be because you’re uncoordinated. Coffee has been shown to enhance memory and improve concentration3, so it could help with memorising those class routines.


Caffeine can improve your focus

Caffeine has been shown to improve concentration3, which is helpful during workouts to ensure your eyes are on the prize. It works by stimulating the brain and nervous system to improve focus and energy.

Coffee give us a dopamine hit

Coffee releases the so-called happy hormone, Dopamine and beta-endorphins4. You know that feel-good rush you get after you’re done working out? That’s the endorphins. And if coffee can stimulate those as well, you’re going to feel super good about yourself for that extra push you gave at the gym.


Overall, don’t expect a coffee-miracle to get those abs you’ve always dreamed of, but there is some evidence to support that adding coffee to your workout regime could be beneficial. And we’re never going to argue with an excuse to drink more coffee.

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