In car dealerships you want to do everything you can to give a great customer experience. Greeting customers as they walk in with a friendly face, providing that extensive brand and product knowledge, and having the slickest new models on display is a given in this industry, but there’s a little something else that adds to that customer experience; great coffee. Here are 6 reasons why it’s important to offer quality coffee in car dealerships and why you can’t afford to miss out!

1. Create a welcoming atmosphere

Creating a comfortable space is really important to make customers feel at ease. And what do we Brits do to make our guests feel more at home? Offer them a hot drink when they walk through the door! There is almost a hospitality element to this, and you will want to be the perfect host to ensure the best possible customer experience.

2. Customer expectations of coffee are high!

We all know that the expectation of coffee is continuing to rise, and this is no different in the automotive industry. Consumers want barista quality coffee whether they are on the go, in a café or having a consultation with one of your agents. Make sure you can exceed their expectation!

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3. Premium cars, premium coffee, premium experience

When you have an image to uphold, don’t let your coffee bring you down. Sleek offices, vehicles and service need a sleek coffee machine. This is even more important if you are going to make your coffee self-serve. You want to offer a coffee experience as flawless as your service to keep that reputation in check.

4. Treat customers to a drink while they wait

Sometimes there can a bit of a wait. Maybe your customer is early to pick up their car following a service, maybe the work has taken a little longer than expected, or maybe the customer wants some time think before signing on the dotted line… all these situations can be improved with coffee. Keep your customers happy while they wait with a hot drink.

5. Increase customer dwell time

Having great coffee is also beneficial for increasing customer dwell time, giving you more opportunity to present the great offers you have and precious time to negotiate sales.

6. Give them a coffee to take with them when they leave

First impressions are important, but last impressions also matter. Offer your customers a cup of the good stuff when they are leaving the showroom. This is a memorable gesture to add to the already impressive customer experience.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good cup of coffee. It can really influence the experience you offer in your car dealership, so make sure you choose the right option to reflect your exceptional products and services.

To discuss coffee solutions for your dealership, get in touch here.

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