Ever wondered what is actually in your cup of coffee? We all know that coffee is made from roasted coffee beans, but did you know that there are dozens of varieties, yet there are only two that are the commonly used for commercial coffee consumption? These two varieties are called Arabica and Robusta.

There are differences in the way the Arabica and Robusta beans are grown and cultivated, as well as inherent differences in the taste profile of the two beans.

This blog will explore the characteristics of each coffee bean, meaning you can choose the right blend for you!

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Robusta coffee beans

The caffeine-rich Robusta bean

Robustas are easier to grow than Arabica, and as such they are cheaper to produce. They can be grown at low altitudes, are resilient to pest-damage and produce more finished product per acre. Vietnam is the largest producing country for the Robusta bean.

Robusta has a much higher caffeine content, so for those who need an intense caffeine kick, a Robusta blend could be what you need! In terms of taste, it has a lower acidity, with a woody quality.

Robusta accounts up to 30% of the world’s demand for coffee beans, and there is less demand for it than for Arabica. It is chiefly used to blend with Arabica to add a stronger, deeper flavour with a good crema, so is most popular in southern Italy where they like their coffee to have a kick!

The premium bean: Arabica

Visually, Arabica beans are more oval shaped than Robusta, with a pronounced central crease and a slightly darker colour.

Arabica beans have a lower resistance to external elements such as weather and disease. They are predominantly produced in South America and need to be grown at a high altitude. They are also more labour intensive, requiring much more time and attention to yield a crop. For this reason, the Arabica is more expensive than Robusta.

Arabica coffee beans

Arabica coffee beans are sweeter than Robusta, with complex flavours. As such, Arabica accounts for up to 70% of demand for coffee beans globally.

So which is the better bean?

Well, that all depends. Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference and no one variety is better than the other. As long as the beans have been processed and roasted to perfection, they each have their own benefits.

If you like your coffee strong in terms of taste and caffeine content, you’ll likely to prefer a Robusta or Robusta blend. Those who prefer a smoother, or milder taste may prefer the Arabica. Tchibo Coffee Service have a number of different brands, each with different blends, so  we’d be sure to find a coffee you love that is right for your customers.

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