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Bio: Tchibo is one of the largest coffee roasters in the world. We provide top quality coffee, coffee machines and service to companies all over the UK. We’re a family run company founded in 1949 in Germany. Max Herz, a merchant from Hamburg and his business partner Carl Tchilling had the idea to sell roasted coffee to customers by mail – this was how Tchibo was born.

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The Growing Demand for Versatile Alternative Mylk Choices

Coffee and milk have long been a match made in heaven, so it’s not surprising that the nation’s favourite beverages are those that are paired with milk, or a milk alternative. According to Allegra Project Café 2021, four of the top five favoured beverages are milk based. Latte was the number one choice followed by … Continued

Coffee customisation: Using syrups to broaden your coffee offer

Jo Cramp Senior Marketing Executive, Coffee to Go & Workplace How do you like your coffee? Ok, it’s Monday morning, a black strong coffee may be the only thing on your mind to kick start your day. But if you had to pick your ultimate favourite coffee, well that might be a different – and … Continued

Time to Rethink your Coffee Offer? Four Predictions for the Coffee to Go Market as Lockdown Eases

Russ Bamford Head of Convenience, Forecourts and Workplace Thursday 20th February 2020. The first takeaway coffee of the day is from a bakery in Derby city centre, just after arriving at the bus station. The second comes from the trolley on the train from Derby to Birmingham Airport – it’s not great, but it’s necessary. … Continued

Tips for Hotels: How to Offer Self-Serve Coffee in the COVID-19 Era

A few weeks ago we gave our tips on what we’ve learnt so far when it comes to serving coffee during the pandemic. These were practical tips for baristas and anyone else working on the floor, interacting with the general public. Since then, we’ve been working hard to help hotels with self-serve coffee solutions during … Continued

Creating a socially-distanced, coffee-loving community with social media

The past few months have been trying for all businesses. It’s a completely new situation. One that we haven’t experienced before and one that we probably won’t ever forget. But in amongst the stresses and strains of operating a business during a pandemic, there have been success stories. Like the Smokin’ Bean Truck, who managed … Continued

What we’ve learnt: Tips for hotel coffee service during the Coronavirus outbreak

It’s been several weeks since the pandemic-related restrictions were lifted for the hospitality sector, and businesses once more opened their doors to guests. We’ve not simply reverted back to pre-Corona life though; there are a number of hygiene and distancing issues now in place that hotels must follow in order to responsibly operate during the … Continued

A tea lover’s guide to the joys of hot tea and cold brew tea

With so much choice of tea blends these days, choosing can be tough. Tea is the second beverage we reach for after the hard stuff1 and being a nation of tea drinkers, it’s such a personal choice – tea bag in or out? Milk before or after? Brew time? Hot or cold? So many decisions! … Continued

The 5 S’s of choosing a coffee offer for Gastropubs

It’s undeniable that coffee is increasingly important in any establishment serving food or drinks, including pubs. Whilst many people visiting a pub are after a pint or a G&T, it should be noted that 9.4% of consumers regularly order hot drinks in the pub (Allegra World Coffee Portal Research and Analysis, 2019). Don’t forget your … Continued

How to present your coffee to go offer to increase sales

No matter how striking or fancy the coffee offer in your forecourt or convenience store is, there is still an element of maintenance required to keep it looking great and performing well. Aside from daily cleaning of the machine and surfaces, there are a number of things to consider to keep it looking appealing. First … Continued

6 reasons why it’s important to provide quality coffee in your car dealership

In car dealerships you want to do everything you can to give a great customer experience. Greeting customers as they walk in with a friendly face, providing that extensive brand and product knowledge, and having the slickest new models on display is a given in this industry, but there’s a little something else that adds … Continued