The UK drinks 95 million cups of coffee every day, so it’s not just part of the nation’s morning routine; it’s an after meal must and a pm pick-me-up. It’s social – you meet friends, colleagues and clients for a coffee; you buy someone a coffee to say thanks or to say sorry. Coffee culture has become a huge part of our culture.

It should come as no surprise then that employers can improve the productivity and happiness of staff, as well as the quality of their work, simply by offering good quality coffee in the office.


How coffee can benefit staff

Supporting physical health

Coffee is a good source of disease-fighting antioxidants. It has been shown to improve the general health of those that drink it regularly. A recent NHS study showed that people who drink more coffee tend to be less likely to have a range of diseases and that people who drank several cups a day even tended to live longer2.

Coffee is also shown to be good for the liver and could reduce the risk of liver disease by 70%3.

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A healthy crew of workers is massively beneficial to your business. It means less sick days or illness recovery is quicker, higher employee efficiency and it means you can reduce costs such as sick pay.

Of course, I’m not suggesting your staff will never get sick if they drink coffee, but anything that has been shown to improve health has got to be a good thing.

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Improving mental health

It’s not just physical well-being that coffee can have a positive impact on. Coffee releases dopamine, the hormone that makes us feel happy. It’s a quick fix of mood-enhancing goodness that we all need when we’re having a challenging day.

It’s also been shown to help reduce levels of anxiety. Seeing as pretty much everyone feels stress at work at one time or another, anything that can alleviate that even a tiny bit can only be a win.

Here’s to a happy and chilled out workforce!

Increasing productivity

We all know that caffeine wakes us up. A cup of coffee in the office means your employees will feel more alert and energised, which could improve working productivity.

Several studies have concluded that caffeine in moderation also increases one’s attention span4. It has even been shown to enhance the memory for up to 24 hours5. So, if your employees drink coffee after learning something, the chances are that they will remember it clearly the next day. Think of the potential if you were to provide coffee during your training sessions!

As if that wasn’t enough, coffee has been shown to improve aspects of brain function including mental clarity, focus and concentration.

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How to reap the benefits of a coffee machine in the office

It’s clear that offering a great coffee in your office can have many benefits to your employees, so what are the next steps involved in getting coffee for your own workplace?

Find out about Smokin’ Bean for the workplace, our straightforward pay per drink coffee solution, with a 30 day free trial!

Give us a call and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.



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