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The Barista Story

Years of coffee knowledge, passion and expertise come together to create Piacetto, a truly excellent and sustainably produced coffee. Piacetto coffee blends are created by and for the discerning barista, with a passion for quality.

The name for Piacetto comes from the Italian word ‘Piacere’ meaning ‘a small moment of joy or pleasure’. It is known as La Selezione Barista – the Barista’s Choice.

Drinking a cup of delicious Piacetto coffee is like being transported to a quiet coffee shop in Italy away from the crowds. A place perhaps where the locals go to relax and savour the elegant taste profile of this delicious coffee.


Created by baristas, for baristas


Piacetto follows the Italian principle of the 4 M’s – perfecting the process at each of these points ensures Piacetto quality in every cup.

  • – La Miscela (the blend)
  • – La Macchina (the machine)
  • – Il Macinacaffe (the coffee grinder)
  • – La Mano (The hand of the barista)

Tchibo Coffee Service are proud to present Piacetto – LA SELEZIONE BARISTA; inspired by centuries of Italian coffee tradition and the passion of the barista!

Working alongside world renowned Italian barista Graziano Chessa, we have developed three premium coffee blends, designed exclusively for professionals. Each creates the perfect harmony of flavours and aromas that only a true coffee expert can produce.


The Piacetto Lounge

Our lounge is designed to create a memorable experience for our visitors – just like the memorable hotel experience you love your guests to have. In our lounge, our SCA trained baristas serve perfect Piacetto coffee, as well as other delicious drinks recipes using ingredients from our Espresso Warehouse range.

Contact us to arrange a visit.

Premium Coffee Blends


Working alongside a world renowned Italian barista, we developed three premium coffee blends, designed exclusively for professionals. Each creates the perfect harmony of flavours and aromas that only a true coffee expert can produce.

We carefully source only the finest coffee beans from Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM farms. All Piacetto coffees are exclusively selected, processed and single roasted to the highest standards. They are then packaged in nitrogen flushed, hermetically sealed bags to ensure every bean reaches you as fresh as the day it was roasted.

Every coffee is taste-tested and quality controlled by our industry renowned coffee experts.

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Piacetto Prestigioso

Yellow Catuai Single Origin


Piacetto Prestigioso is the perfect example of coffee sophistication; made from 100% Arabica, single origin, yellow catuai beans from Brazil, refined by traditional drum roasting. This sweet-smelling coffee is more complex than other Brazillian Arabicas. The exquisite flavour profile of the precious Yellow Catuai bean is unlocked by a careful refining process. It inspired by tradition, created by experts, loved by everyone.

This is a truly delicious coffee. It presents a well-balanced cup quality, with a medium body and a bright finish.


Piacetto Supremo

Northern Italian Blend


Piacetto Supremo is an exclusive delicacy from carefully selected Arabica and Robusta beans from in South America and Asia.

The flavour journey from Piacetto Supremo Espresso to Caffe Crema is like the journey from the metropolitan city of Milan to the romantic city of Florence. Milan, like the espresso blend, is progressive and bold; a statement for the palate, while Florence, like the Arabica, is delicate and aromatic, with many hidden notes to discover. Both cities have a strong history and passion for producing great coffee.

An exceptional coffee that is rich, mellow and aromatic with a roasted taste.

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Piacetto Tradizionale

Southern Italian Blend


Piacetto Tradizionale is a lively blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans from South America and Asia. The coffee beans are roasted slowly in a rotating drum to perfect the deep and invigorating flavour. Piacetto Tradizionale encompasses the Robusta accented blends for the intense and full flavour that is favoured throughout southern Italy. It combines the traditional attitudes of southern Italy with a historic love for strong coffee, good food and great company,

This Robusta centric espresso blend truly is the barista’s choice, perfectly encapsulating the joy and spontaneity the Italians are renowned for.

This traditional Italitan-style coffee is uniquely full-bodied, with an intense flavour and no acidity.

arabica robusta slowly roasted

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Branded Accessories


 Piacetto – a perfect Italian café experience, professionally served.

Our elegant and unique range of crockery, takeaway materials and café accessories will help you create the perfect coffee experience. Show your guests Italian style in every aspect of their stay.

Crockery, cutlery, glasses and sundries

We offer a range of porcelain cups, shaped to promote the ideal crema, optimise latte art and perfect coffee presentation. As a finishing touch, serve your coffee with a Piacetto branded, chocolate covered espresso bean or almond. Along with Piacetto glasses, milk jugs, spoons and sugar shakers, your customers can live the Italian café experience.

Piacetto crockery and glasses

Piacetto coffees to go

Allow your guests to take a little piece of Italy with them by offering your coffee to go. Our range of takeaway cups, lids, wooden stirrers, sugars and creamers neatly displayed on our condiment bar, will entice your guests on their way to conferences and meetings. Boost sales by offering your guests coffee convenience on the go.

Piacetto to go cups

Café accessories

Show your guests Italian style in every aspect of their stay – brand your café with Piacetto signage, trays and parasols. Make your café team look the part with our stylish, Fairtrade, organic cotton Piacetto t-shirts and aprons.

Piacetto tshirts and aprons

Our Customers

We supply Piacetto coffee to some of the most well known hospitality and leisure brands.

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