With so much choice of tea blends these days, choosing can be tough. Tea is the second beverage we reach for after the hard stuff1 and being a nation of tea drinkers, it’s such a personal choice – tea bag in or out? Milk before or after? Brew time? Hot or cold? So many decisions!

We’re here to give you a guide on what’s good with hot and cold tea to help you with a least one of these decisions!

The Evolution of the Cuppa

Tea has come a long way from when we first started drinking it in 1662. Back in the day, tea was brewed and served from a tea pot. Then for convenience and ease, the tea bag came on the scene, and it was all ‘one sugar or two’. The tea industry has devolved if you like; we are now going back to our roots, loose leaf is king and serving from pot is best for a good infusion. Not to mention the variety of blends – there’s never been so much choice and it continues to grow.

So hot or cold? Did you know your favourite tea can taste very different when you brew it using a different method?

pouring tea from teapot

What’s so great about cold brew tea?

Not everyone has time to wait for a cold brew tea, but we love a cold brew tea here at Tchibo Coffee Service. It’s just so simple yet satisfying. You feel like a kid at Christmas, waiting for it to infuse (for a good cold brew, allow 24 hours) and then trying the first sip of refreshing fruits. It’s just like magic! It’s also the fastest growing beverage after a flat white1.

However, you can do a ‘fast brew’ or a cheat brew if you like, where you hot brew the tea for a few minutes and then add a couple of ice cubes.

Some people may think that cold brew is only for summer, but as consumers we are wanting cold drinks all year round1 and not just when that mysterious yellow thing in the sky decides to appear. It used to be a short period between May-August that we reached for iced drinks from our local coffee shop, but the cold brew leaves are changing – literally. As fizzy drinks get bad press for sugar content and everyone’s being more conscious about what we consume, tea and cold brew is growing ever popular. Due to its low sugar levels, this is a guilt free drink. We think you get a better flavour from cold brew. And cold brew is so much easier, you can cold brew anything and its always the same, (infuse in cold water for 6- 24 hours) whereas with hot, there are so many variables. Not many people know that you can actually burn tea, so be sure to follow the brewing guide. The brew times vary as well. Some are 1-3 mins and others 4-6 mins.

So, what about hot tea?

Don’t get us wrong, hot tea is incredibly important too. It been shown to be a great stress reliever2 and, surprisingly it’s great to drink when the weather is warm. It increases the body temperature, which makes you sweat at an increased rate making you cool down quicker3, so don’t think hot tea is only good in the winter!

We all watch our caffeine content now, don’t we? We are so concerned with not overindulging in something these days, whether that’s caffeine or sugar. This is where tea is so great and diverse. It can pack a lot of flavour and is usually a good choice for the health conscious as there are so many varieties containing no caffeine or sugar. Whether it’s a ‘teatox’ or an afternoon tea, you can enjoy tea without feeling like you need to run to the gym.

Different teas

Which one should I choose?

So, whether it’s hot or cold, it really comes down to preference. If you like good ol’ breakfast tea with milk and two sugars or a raspberry and vanilla cold brew infusion, it’s down to you. But one thing is very clear here, tea is evolving an incredible rate so it mustn’t be ignored. When you next reach for it, why not mix it up? If you like it hot, try it cold, and vice versa. You never know, you might find your new favourite beverage.

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