You were probably not expecting this blog. We’re usually (quite rightly) discussing the excellence of the espresso, the quality of the cappuccino or the loveliness of the latte but today we’re talking… tea!

Despite the recent revelation that more Brits prefer coffee to tea1, we’re still a nation of tea lovers. We’re renowned the world over for drinking tea at any available opportunity. A hot cuppa can fix any woe, refresh you first thing in the morning, warm you up or chill you out, so don’t forget the tea you offer at your hotel has to be just as great as your coffee.

Here are 5 reasons why you should use the versatility of tea to improve the hot drink offering in your hotel business.

1. There are a variety of blends and flavours

Our Espresso Warehouse range stocks Suki Tea, a high end, loose-leaf tea blender from Belfast. And there are so many blends to choose from!

From your black teas like Breakfast, Earl Grey and Darjeeling to fruity blends like Apple Loves Mint and Red Berry there is something for every tea lover. There are even green and herbal infusions like Matcha, Oolong and Spearmint.

As there are so many flavour varieties you can even offer guest teas or flavours of the month. Choose your different blends depending on the season. Opt for light fruity flavours in the spring or summer like Pink Grapefruit or Goji Berry and Pomegranate and think Spiced Citrus or Turkish Delight in the winter.

So, don’t confine your tea offering to your average milk and two sugars – branch out and cater for the variety of different tastes and personalities of your guests.

suki tea set

2. Pyramid teabags, tea envelopes or loose-leaf: you decide!

There are various ways to serve your tea depending on your resources and the needs of your guests.

You can serve loose-leaf tea in the iconic Suki teapots. It’s perfect for those guests who want to take the time to enjoy their brew with a leisurely breakfast, or afternoon snack.

For your guests in a hurry, or those who are taking their cuppa away, there is also the option to purchase the most popular blends in bulk, in the form of a pyramid tea bag. The pyramid envelopes contain the same top-quality loose leaf tea from the core range which ensures the best taste and customer experience. Pop the teabag in a cup with hot water and away they go.

In your meeting room space, your guests can self-serve with pyramid teabags that come individually packaged in a tea envelope.

There’s something for every type of guest.

3. Theme events around your tea

suki teapots

Afternoon or high tea is enjoying a resurgence in popularity at the moment. Use this trend to your advantage to boost sales, attract day time visitors, and upsell – champagne afternoon tea anyone?

Suki Tea offers a range of interesting teapots and trays to make your high tea pop!

The teapots contain a built-in chamber to hold the loose-leaf tea, meaning your customers can leave it in the teapot for as long as they require for their perfect brew. They can be served on a sustainably sourced bamboo tray, which has just the right amount of space for the teapot, tea cup and milk jug to make tea into a ritual for one – perfect for your afternoon tea event!

4. It doesn’t have to be hot – think cold infusions and iced tea

Just like coffee, tea doesn’t have to be served hot. A refreshing way to serve a fruity tea is over ice on a warm day. You can even try adding certain blends to cocktail. We think the White Tea Elderflower flavour would be great in a gin and tonic!

You could also get inventive and blend your own – why not take a sample from a couple of different flavours to create a blend unique to your hotel! You can then use it as a hot or cold tea, or even a cocktail ingredient.

5. Tchibo Coffee Service and Suki Tea care about sustainability

The Suki Tea sourcing policy is to choose Fairtrade, Organic and/or Rainforest alliance certified teas where possible. At Tchibo Coffee Service, we aim to be a 100% sustainable business by 2025. Our coffees are already sustainably sourced and hold the certifications to prove it. We’re proud to sell a tea brand as part of our Espresso Warehouse range that shares the same ethic.

couple with tea on table

Who knew our beloved and humble tea could be so glam? Don’t forget about tea when you’re looking at the coffee and hot drink offer in your hotel. They go hand in hand!

Get in touch with us to discuss our Espresso Warehouse range.

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