An impressive range of coffee brands for all businesses

For over 75 years, Tchibo has produced the finest coffee to businesses and coffee lovers around the world. In the UK we supply to the hotel, office, convenience, education, and leisure sectors, amongst others.

We have a diverse selection of coffee brands including:

– Our Tchibo heritage brand that has been the number one coffee brand in Germany for decades
– Piacetto, our authentic Italian coffee which carries the Rainforest Alliance certificate
– Vista, a socially and environmentally responsible brand with Fairtrade certification
– Smokin’ Bean, our contemporary, triple certified, 100% Arabica coffee.

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Piacetto Brand Logo
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A variety of coffee options for all types of service

Whether it’s whole bean for your traditional or bean to cup machine, filter for breakfast service or capsules for the office or in-room, Tchibo Coffee Service can offer a top quality coffee for every occasion.

Whole Bean

Our whole bean coffee is as fresh and full flavoured as it looks! Whole bean coffee is coffee in its absolute prime that is ready to be ground to create an impeccable cup.
Keep coffee as fresh as possible by not grinding the beans until just before brewing.


Filter coffee involves pouring water over coffee grounds. The water absorbs the coffee’s oils and essences and brings it through the filter to create a fresh full flavoured coffee.
It’s a quick and simple solution for coffee lovers, whatever the volume.


The hardest part of using a capsule machine is picking which one you want! Simply place the capsule into the machine and press a button for ultimate Tchibo coffee quality in minutes.
It’s a perfect solution for self-serve environments such as in-room coffee, or small offices.


Instant coffee has been widely used for many years due to its convenience and quick preparation time. Using instant coffee means that customers don’t have to wait around for the coffee to brew. The coffee particles will dissolve instantly in hot water making it an ideal solution for fast paced consumers.


Delicious tea for all tastes!

In Britain we may love a coffee, but we’ll always be known as a nation of tea lovers. We’re renowned the world over for drinking tea at any available opportunity. Tea is the second most consumed drink worldwide. It is made from dried leaves from tea plants, which are then carefully plucked and dried before sending on to us tea lovers.

At Tchibo, we are confident that with our range of teas we can find the perfect product for you. Whether it’s a punchy fruit tea, or a mellow and calming chamomile, you really won’t find a better selection of refreshing teas.

Learn about our Pure Tea fine selection
suki tea
Pavilion Garden

A variety of tea brands and blends

Whether it’s high-end loose leaf or traditional breakfast tea in a bag Tchibo Coffee Service can offer a wide range of delicious teas for every business.

Sir Henry

Sir Henry Tea

Our speciality teas and infusions will delight your customers with classic favourites, made from premium quality ingredients. With the added benefit of affordable pricing, the Sir Henry collection will give you the opportunity to increase your profit margins.


Pure Tea

Our Pure Tea Selection is made with the finest ingredients, offering a selection of the highest quality varieties, including popular black teas, healthy classics and mouth-watering combinations. Choose from nine delicious blends, made with the finest ingredients.


Suki Tea

SUKI are tea makers who source and blend ethical teas, fruit blends and herbal infusions. They have won several Great Taste Awards and offer loose leaf, tea bags and cold brew.

This brand is available via Espresso Warehouse.

Pavilion Garden

Pavilion Garden Tea

A treat for the taste buds as much as a pleasure for the eyes. Pavilion Garden is our range of Victorian-inspired teas, each
designed to infuse beautifully from the bag and look stunning on your counter.

This brand is available via Espresso Warehouse.


Rich and decadent hot chocolate!

Hot chocolate is a delicious, comforting and calming drink that can soothe all the senses.

Hot chocolate is made from harvested cocoa beans which are roasted, ground and then tempered.

Our variety of hot chocolate products provide different taste profiles and intensities so you can have your pick of the bunch to ensure you get the hot chocolate that suits you best.

Pure Fine Selection
chocolate abyss

The ultimate hot chocolate for your business!

No hot beverage offering is complete without hot chocolate. Used on its own as an indulgent pick-me-up, as part of a speciality drinks recipe or in a mocha, our premium hot chocolate brands are just what you need to complement your menu.

Pure Fine Selection

pure hot chocolate

Our rich and creamy Pure Fine Selection hot chocolate powders come in three varieties:
Finesse – for the perfect mocha, Vista – Our Fairtrade cocoa blend and Deluxe – a premium option with 18% cocoa content.

Chocolate Abyss

Chocolate Abyss is a decadent drinking chocolate range unlike anything your customers have at home. Available white or as 30 or 40% cocoa, served alone or with trimmings, there is a Chocolate Abyss option for everyone.


Chilled fruit juices

A great addition for hotels, education sites, or any other cafe setting that would like to offer a cold drink option. Our juices are ambient, concentrated and come in thirst-quenching, family favourite flavours like orange and apple.