At Tchibo Coffee Service we are well known for our exceptional level of service. We have a team of 30 field-based engineers throughout the UK who are available should you encounter a fault in your machine. Our engineers are extremely responsive, and endeavour to be with you within 8 working hours for the most urgent faults.

But what does a day in the life of one of our Field Service Engineers look like? It’s time to find out…


Name: Nandor Szanto

Title: Field Service Engineer

How long have you worked at Tchibo? 3 and a half years

Field Service Engineer

What are the responsibilities in your role as a Field Service Engineer?

My primary responsibility is to repair coffee machines for our customers. This means travelling to the site of the machine, completing diagnostic checks to ascertain the cause of the failure and fixing the machine there and then. Once I have resolved the issue, I will check that everything is back up to standard afterwards and complete any other minor maintenance required to ensure our customers can always serve the highest quality coffee.

Describe a typical day…

Customers who have a fault with their machine call in to our technical team who then assign the jobs to the Field Service Engineers based on location. The jobs are distributed to us in the evening, so in the morning I like to review the jobs that have been assigned to me over a coffee. I plan to visit the customers furthest from me first and then work my way back.

Tchibo field service engineer

There are four categories of fault that I deal with in my role. The most critical being category A, where the machine is not dispensing coffee at all, through to leaks, replacing water filters in coffee machines (read all about the importance of looking after your coffee machine water filter), adjustments and preventative maintenance. I repair all types of coffee machine from traditional barista machines to self-serve bean-to-cup machines in all types of business.

There isn’t really such a thing as a typical day in this role; I’m working in different locations and environments every day.

What’s the best thing about this job?

I like being out and about, visiting customers and every day is different. The other great thing is the people – I have heaps of fun with my colleagues.

Finally, I have a coffee from every machine I fix. Getting to drink a lot of great coffee is an excellent perk!

If you are interested in working with us here at Tchibo Coffee Service, check out our current vacancies on our careers page.

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