As 2018 draws to a close, we’re starting to reflect on the year, consider what’s new for 2019 and how we can use future trend predictions to grow our businesses.

According to recent research from Mintel, there are three key food and drink trends for 2019. These are particularly important for the convenience industry to ensure you stay ahead of the curve with your food and drinks offerings.

1. Evergreen consumption

A circular view of sustainability that spans the entire product lifecycle requires action from suppliers to consumers.

Consumers are already placing increasing emphasis on the sustainability of all produce, a trend that Mintel predict will only increase next year. This includes recycling materials, as well as using products and ingredients that use ethical practices in the manufacturing process.

Coffee farmer

A sustainable coffee choice

If you’re rethinking your coffee solution, look for one that is sustainable. Smokin’ Bean is the only coffee-to-go that is triple certified. It’s Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and Organic, so your customers can be safe in the knowledge that the coffee beans have been sourced sustainably.

Not only is the coffee itself sustainable, we also have Smokin’ Bean branded KeepCups and our takeaway cups are 100% compostable!

2. Wellness and healthy ageing

Food and drink will build on today’s dialogue about wellness and transition into more solutions for healthy ageing.

Longer lifespans are creating opportunities for the food and drink industry to promote healthy living amongst all age groups.


Look for snacks that promote health and wellness

The Smokin’ Bean café destinations offer food-to-go items that appeal to the health conscious (plus some that are indulgent treats!). Lumberjack bars are packed with protein, perfect for those stopping off for a pre-workout coffee and snack. They are also gluten free and vegetarian.

3. Elevated Convenience

To match the premium expectations of consumers in the on-demand age, convenience food and drink will get an upgrade.

This is a critical point for the convenience industry. It’s a huge positive that the on-the-go market is predicted to grow even further, but expectations have evolved. This trend predicts that consumers expect premium quality, healthy and flavourful products, even when on the move.

cooling coffee beans

Premium quality in convenience

Choose a coffee that is all about premium. All Smokin’ Bean coffee beans are 100% Arabica and have been carefully picked and processed for the best quality. Our coffee-to-go machines are not huge, standard vending machines, but bean-to-cup machines where your customers can see that fresh beans are being ground there and then for their coffee.

And it’s not just a machine, it’s a destination. Smokin’ Bean comes with the exposed brickwork, bulbs and and sustainability sourced wood cladding so that you are not just offering coffee-to-go, you’re offering a coffee shop experience!


Have you started planning for next year?  If you want to meet all three of these predicted trends for 2019, what are you waiting for? Get in touch to find out how we can support your business!

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