Here at Tchibo Coffee Service, we love to get involved in charitable initiatives and we regularly participate in fundraising for various good causes. As coffee lovers, Macmillan’s Biggest Coffee Morning is something close to our hearts as we think we can make a difference with our coffee! We have loads of things planned for the day in our office, but what could you do to participate on campus?

This year, Macmillan’s Biggest Coffee Morning falls on Friday 27th September, so there’s still a couple of weeks to make a plan! Here are our ideas on how you can raise money at your university café.

1. Create an exclusive coffee for a limited time only

Why not create your own speciality coffee and make a donation per cup sold to Macmillan? This is a great way to raise money as well as test out the popularity of different drinks recipes in your café. How about a Caramel Macmillan Macchiato? Or Hazelnut Macmillan Mocha? There are so many possibilities!

peppermint hot chocolate

2. Charge a small donation for self-serve coffees

For your self-serve coffee machines, encourage students to make a small donation for each coffee they drink by placing a donation box next to it. This is an easy way to raise some cash with minimal time required to prepare it. Sign up to Macmillan here to get your posters to promote it and a collection box.

3. Sell baked goods and donate the proceeds

Cake sale

Why not ask your catering team to get creative and bake some cakes, brownies or biscuits to sell? It’s Bake-Off season so there is plenty of inspiration around, but if you’re short on ideas, watch this space because we’ll be sharing our coffee-based recipes very soon!

4. Round up card payments and donate the extra

For students paying on card, you could ask if they wish to round up their payment and donate the difference to Macmillan. Some universities use apps like YoYo to manage thigs like this easily. With the number of customers paying by card or device rising, this is a good way to raise money even if your students have no cash to hand.

Card payment

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to raise some money for this great cause. If you are looking for ideas on how university staff can raise money in the office, check out our ideas here.

Do you have any other cool ideas to raise money on campus? Please let us know in the comments!

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