It’s been several weeks since the pandemic-related restrictions were lifted for the hospitality sector, and businesses once more opened their doors to guests. We’ve not simply reverted back to pre-Corona life though; there are a number of hygiene and distancing issues now in place that hotels must follow in order to responsibly operate during the pandemic.

So, what have we learned in the first few weeks? Here are our top tips for keeping your staff and guests as safe as can be.

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Introduce pre and post shift cleaning

Job one for the reopening of hospitality was to ensure cleaning was occurring more regularly. Ensure your staff take the time to clean machines and other apparatus down with antibacterial cleaning products at the beginning of their shift and when they clock off. This increased frequency of cleaning means your staff can be sure that any equipment they are using is clean for them, and that they are leaving it clean for the next person.

Use colour coded cloths

Speaking of cleaning, make sure you don’t cross contaminate your cleaning materials. One way to do this is to colour code your cloths so your baristas know to use specific cloths for certain cleaning activities. Keep one for your coffee machine steam wands, one for surfaces etc. and make sure you change them every two hours to keep germs away.

Reduce the number of people working by the coffee machine

It stands to reason that by limiting the number of baristas using the coffee machine, you are lowering the risk. Choose just a couple of people who will use the machine during any given shift to minimise unnecessary contact. By limiting the use of the machine to one person at any one time, it also means that staff can keep their distance from each other.

Create a clear workflow so your baristas can work smartly and safely, and make sure the machine is cleaned regularly throughout the day.

Avoid stocking up cups

Leading on from minimising contact with the coffee machine, you should also try to do this with cups. Avoid stocking up your cups and only display as many as you need for service. This minimises the need to touch them or generally have them out in the open air unnecessarily. Make sure your baristas know to only touch the cups by their handle or at the bottom. Avoid the lip of the cup where customers will be drinking from.

Use individually wrapped sugar sachets

Wherever possible, use individually wrapped items, like sugar sachets, when serving your customers. This is really important as you want to minimise different customers sharing the same items, like a pot of sugar. Individually wrapped sugars mean fewer people handling them and therefore lower risk.

For more information on reopening, please see our useful guides:

Do you have any other tips for food and coffee service during this time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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