We all know that coffee is a staple part of any workplace. The difficulty comes with making sure there is enough variety for your office. Do your colleagues want a strong espresso, or are they more inclined to drink a milky latte or cappuccino? How many are looking for alternatives like tea and hot chocolate?

When buying a coffee machine, you want to buy one that can meet everyone’s needs, while still being cost effective. But where do you start?


Which type of coffee machine works for your office?

With so many options out there, it’s difficult to know your bean-to-cup from your capsule machines.

A bean-to-cup coffee machine is an all-in-one process where the built-in grinder grinds the coffee beans, heats the water and dispenses fresh coffee. A capsule coffee machine uses capsules – or ‘pods’ – of pre-ground coffee that you insert into the machine. The capsules are often sealed immediately after roasting to guarantee freshness.

Both types provide a high quality of coffee – but there are plenty of things to consider when choosing your coffee machine.

What is the cost-effective option for office coffee?

There’s plenty of research out there proving the benefits of having a coffee machine in the office, but if you’re the one making the purchase, you need to think about cost too.

If you’re looking to support a large workplace filled with a variety of drink needs, you’re best served by a machine that has various extras in place such as a milk frother, hot water dispenser to make a variety of drinks and size options. This is because within a busy office you can make a variety of drinks from cappuccino to a mocha without needing to buy any additional extras.

For a more intimate workplace, a smaller capsule machine that offers different drinks options will allow you to provide a variety while saving on cost and space.


Ways to provide a variety of coffee in the office

Whether you are serving coffee to clients or staff in your office, variety is key. It takes the pressure off and adds a personal touch to your workplace.

But being able to accommodate different drinks doesn’t need to be expensive. Simply think about:

espresso cappuccino latte coffee

Investing in a coffee machine that can make a variety of sizes
You can make a cappuccino and then a latte from the same machine.

Getting yourself a milk frother
Whether this is as part of or additional to your machine, you can create delicious drinks or create speciality drinks such as lattes, creamier hot chocolates and foamy cappuccinos.

Stocking up on a range of capsules or beans
The luxury of capsules is that you can go from decaf through to Caffe Crema in a touch of a button.

Not sure which coffee machine is best for you?

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