One of Tchibo Coffee Service’s most popular machines is the Carimali SolarTouch. It’s the ultimate completely automatic bean-to-cup machine with a touch screen display. To keep yours in tip-top condition, and to ensure you are providing the absolute best coffee, it’s vital that the machine is cleaned every day without fail. And it’s super easy! The display will guide you through what you need to do, but if you’re still not sure, this handy guide will cover it step by step, so you will have a sparkling clean coffee-making machine in no time!


Get started

On the Home screen, tap the ‘i’ icon.
Select ‘Manual Cleaning’ > ‘All in one’ > ‘START’. The display will guide you through the next steps on screen, but they are documented below.


Daily cleaning regime

Complete these steps on a daily basis, especially if using fresh milk. Click on the images to enlarge.

1. Empty the grounds bin and wash by hand in soapy water.

2. Next, clean the milk system. Remove the tank and pipe and clean with Milkline Cleaning Solution

Milkline Cleaning Solution.

3. Open the front door of the Solar Touch machine and clean the brewing unit with a brush to remove any loose grounds.

solar touch

4. Take the cleaning tablet and put it in the chamber.

place cleaning tablet in coffee machine

5. Close the door and wait for it to do its magic!

daily coffee machine cleaning

Weekly cleaning regime

Complete the following steps at least once per week. Complete more frequently if you serve over 30 cups per day.

1. Take off the canister spout.

coffee machine canister spout

2. Under the blue mixer cup, turn the mixer base to the right to release.

coffee machine mixer base

3. Pull out the mixer cup and clean with the brush.

clean with brush

4. Remove the dispense spout from the tube, by squeezing the sides of the spout from the underside of the dispense head. This shot shows a view from underneath the dispense head to demonstrate this.

Remove the dispense spout from the tube

5. Clean with the brush and then replace the tube.

6. Replace the blue mixer cup, push it back until fully flush then lock in by turning the grey lever back to the left.

play video

7. Replace the canister spout.

8. Next, clean all the spout tubes. Squeeze the sides to release the spout and lift out.

9. Remove the milk frother tube (white) from the spout, take it apart and clean each individual element.

10. Once clean, replace the spout, ensuring the number on the tube matches with the number on the spout.

Troubleshooting: If no milk comes out when you replace the tube, swap the tubes over as they may have been replaced incorrectly.

11. Clean the spout casing using the brush.

12. Remove the drip tray and clean by hand with warm, soapy water.

13. Wash out the milk tank.

Then you are all done!


Keeping your machine hygienic on an ongoing basis


It’s imperative that you keep your machine clean, so be sure to follow this process regularly. Add this to your daily cleaning rota so you can be sure someone is taking responsibility for it and you can print these instructions out, so your staff know exactly that to do (make a PDF guide too?).

As your machine will be well looked after, it will reduce the need for maintenance call-outs and it will produce the best tasting coffee! As we all know, the better the coffee, the happier the customer!

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