No matter how striking or fancy the coffee offer in your forecourt or convenience store is, there is still an element of maintenance required to keep it looking great and performing well.

Aside from daily cleaning of the machine and surfaces, there are a number of things to consider to keep it looking appealing. First impressions count: the more impressive it looks, the more your customers will be drawn in and your sales will increase.

Here are some top tips to keep your coffee station looking perfect.

Keep the food displays full

There’s nothing that looks sadder and more unappealing than a half-full food display. Wayward snacks littered haphazardly on the shelves do not make for an enticing experience. Make sure you check your food displays throughout the day and replenish when required. Bring the products to the front of the shelves to show off all your tasty snacks.

merchandise your food to go display

Refill the condiments tray, cups and lids

It’s not just about the food display. The coffee ancillaries should also be kept full, and not only because it looks more inviting. It can be frustrating for a consumer to start making a coffee only to find out there is no sugar, syrup or lids left. Give them the best possible experience by ensuring everything is within easy reach.

Refill the ancillaries

Clear litter and spillages regularly

Spills happen and even more so for coffee on the go. Make sure you are on hand to clear up any mess, so your coffee machine always looks pristine. Remove any waste packaging that hasn’t made it into the bin to keep the area clean and tidy.

Make sure you have plenty of milk

First thing in the morning, do make sure that you have plenty of semi-skimmed milk in the chiller. The morning (between 6am-9am) is peak coffee serving time, so you need to ensure the coffee machine is well stocked to manage demand.

Fill the hoppers little and often

It’s important to have the coffee beans available and ready for service, but only half fill your coffee hoppers. Replenish them as often as necessary. Coffee goes stale very quickly, so try not to over-fill if the coffee is not going to get used. Don’t fill the hoppers at the end of the day ready for the next day’s trading, as the coffee will have gone stale by the time it gets used. Refill halfway in the morning for the freshest cup.

bean to cup coffee hoppers

All these tips ensure that your coffee area looks great and shows that your store is well looked after. This will in turn attract more customers and cup sales, so keep on top of it and you’re onto a winner!

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