So, you’re looking for a new coffee machine. How do you know which one is for you? The answer depends on your type of business, the number of cups you will sell per day, the type of milk you would like and so on. Most importantly, do you have a barista, or will you need a self-serve or push button option?

What are the benefits of each, and which one would be best suited to your business? Read on to learn more!

Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines

Usually found in coffee shops, cafés and hotels, the traditional machine is a barista operated machine that can serve large volumes.

Kicco traditional coffee machine

It works by forcing water through compacted ground coffee, extracting all the delicious flavours and producing a concentrated shot of coffee – the espresso.

A traditional machine will allow your barista to make any espresso-based drink. You’re not confined to the usual latte or cappuccino; branch out with different summer drinks recipes, coffee cocktails and use seasonal syrups. This makes it super versatile.

Obviously, all the above relies on a great barista. You will need to consider that full training will need to be given to ensure your barista can produce the best coffee.

latte art

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

Bean to cup coffee machines are great at serving freshly ground coffee at the push of a button. They are often found in workplaces, offices, retail, education sites and hotels.

They have separate chambers (called hoppers) containing whole bean coffee, hot chocolate and sometimes powdered milk in order to produce several different drinks.

The beans are ground as required so you can be sure that the coffee is as fresh as possible.

Bean to cup machines are great for sites with medium to high volumes of coffee served and can be operated by a member of staff or your customers for a self-serve option.

One of the great things about our bean to cup machines is that they have in-built telemetry. This can help you drive coffee sales by providing sales analysis. It also offers fault reporting and cleaning reminders, so it’s easy to use in a busy environment!

If you are looking for a coffee machine, check out our range!

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