As coffee lovers, we are used to assessing the quality of our cup; is the taste right? Are the beans fresh? Has the milk been scalded? But one of the most overlooked elements of a cup of coffee is the water.

Water content makes up 98% of the components found within a cup of coffee, so it’s disappointing that we barely think of the water when we think about what makes a good coffee.

In our coffee machines, one of the main culprits of poor water quality is poor maintenance of the machine itself. In this blog, we’ll explain some of the reasons why it’s important to keep your coffee machine water filter in mint condition to ensure you are always offering your customers consistently great coffee.

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It’s not just kettles that are affected by limescale

Coffee machine can be adversely affected by using unfiltered water. The boiler heating elements can become scaled, causing internal damage that can render the machine unusable.

A top tip whether you are in a hard or soft water area of the UK, is to use filtered water in your machine. This can reduce the need for time-consuming maintenance, enhance the taste and remove any odours. Like they say: prevention is better than cure!

You can prevent machine faults

Now for the technical bit: when the water in coffee machines is heated above 55℃, dissolved mineral particles attach themselves to metal surfaces such as boiler walls, level probes and elements, as well as valves and moving components. Mineral build-up inside machine boilers makes them less efficient and can cause temperature irregularities and boiling over, valves to become stuck open or shut, and pipes to become blocked.

As you will have guessed, this means you’ll have to call out a Field Service Engineer to help you fix your machine. While Tchibo Coffee Service offer 7-day support cover, it will be more cost effective (in terms of loss of sales, breakdown fees etc.) and efficient to do whatever you can to look after your water filter in the first instance.

Prevent mineral build up by having your machine descaled by our engineers monthly. Not only will this ensure you are producing the best quality coffee possible, you will also be saving a little bit of money on electricity as your appliance will use more energy if it needs to over perform. Win-win!

Your customers deserve hygienically prepared coffee

Don’t see your coffee machine as simply a piece of equipment; remember that this machine is delivering consumables. Your customers are literally drinking from this machine. For hygiene and health & safety reasons, it goes without saying that keeping your machine clean as a whistle every day is vital.

We will recycle your old water filters!

As part of Tchibo’s commitment to the environment, our water filters are now all recyclable. Retired units are returned to our headquarters in Surrey and are disposed of in specialist recycling bins. This ensures the re-use of materials rather than them ending up in landfill.

To save your business money in the long run as well as deliver the best-tasting coffee to your customers, it’s imperative that we look after the water filters in our coffee machines to guarantee premium performance.

Your Key Account Manager will have shown you how to properly clean your machine upon installation, but if you have any questions or would like some refresher training, please get in touch with us.


Alternatively, if you are not a Tchibo Coffee Service Customer but would like to find out more about the service we’d love to speak to you. You can contact us.

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