University catering and hospitality has many things to consider, from the different customer groups (students, staff, parents, visitors, conference delegates), to the wide variety of outlets requiring food and drink. That’s why it’s important that the right coffee partner was chosen to meet their diverse needs.

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Identifying how customers consume coffee on campus

When Loughborough University came up for tender they saw an opportunity to revitalise their coffee offering across campus. This was a significant project to undertake but an awareness and understanding of coffee trends, as well as the right coffee partners, meant that the university could make it a success.

Historically, there had been one coffee brand across the whole university and Head of Catering, Gagan Kapoor (pictured above with TCS Account Manager Guy Hodge), felt that this was not reflective of how customers drink coffee. “We looked at the whole campus and identified there were different clusters of customers with varying needs, so it was vital that we had coffee brands that represented each of them.”

It was also incredibly important that the high-volume coffee locations were catered for. Gagan says “In our dining halls we serve 2500 people every day. We needed coffee that could be served very quickly but still be great quality”. Because of this, Gagan had very clear requirements; they needed quick operating machines, consistently high-quality coffee, and maintenance support.

How did Tchibo Coffee Service make an impact?

Gagan says “Tchibo is an established brand that we had worked with previously, who had the ability to provide great quality coffee in high volumes”. As a result, Loughborough University invited Tchibo Coffee Service to tender for the coffee business.

Tchibo Coffee Service were selected to provide the whole bean coffee offering for the dining halls, several retail outlets and staff refreshment areas. 18 months on and the university’s coffee business is going from strength to strength. “Well I’m spending more on coffee as the volume sold has increased – that must be a good sign!” says Gagan.

In fact, Loughborough University saw a 13% increase in coffee sales for the first full calendar year, a figure we expect will continue to grow with the ongoing relationship between Tchibo Coffee Service and the university.

“The students are happy and drinking a lot more hot drinks from our outlets on campus. They absolutely love the hot chocolate!” says Gagan. “The same is true for our staff. They all appreciate it’s better coffee than they used to get before”.

Hear more from Gagan in the video below.


You can read the full case study here:

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