Cafissimo Compact

Cafissimo Compact


The Cafissimo coffee machine offers you ultimate Tchibo coffee quality in combination with an easy to use capsule machine. The machine is easy to clean and has an inbuilt energy saving mode. The Cafissimo works well as a coffee pod machine for meeting rooms or as a coffee pod machine for offices in general. Wherever you choose, you can now enjoy your coffee however you like – perfect espresso, Caffe crema and filter coffee. Just press a button and your Cafissimo Compact will do the rest! Plus, all our capsules are sourced from sustainable cultivations which hold the Rainforest Alliance or UTZ certification. So you can enjoy excellent coffee with a clean conscience.

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£69.99 incl. VAT
For espresso, cafe crema & filter coffee
Capsule container for up to 8 capsules
Recommended up to 20 cups per day
Designed for business use
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