Have you thought about your own New Year’s Resolution yet? Eating less chocolate or cutting down on the wine might not take too much preparation, but if you’re intending to improve the workplace for your employees, now is the time to start planning!

Here are some ideas on how you can improve your office in 2020, from becoming more environmentally friendly to increasing motivation.

Resolution 1: Support a good cause

Here in our head office, we are big fans of raising money for local and national charities. This year we’ve run a Macmillan Coffee Morning, raised money for Red Nose Day, we have a giving tree to give presents to children with the KidsOut charity, and we’ve started to offer our colleagues one day’s leave to volunteer for charity each year!

Supporting charities by hosting fun activities like bake sales, quizzes and raffles is a fantastic way to help good causes and to boost morale and team spirit!

Resolution 2: Get good quality coffee

Start the day – and the year – right with great coffee. It’s one of the top perks for employees and seeing as a quarter of all coffee is consumed in the workplace, it’s easy to see why. It can also improve networking skills and increase motivation and productivity! And you don’t have to make do with instant; a bean to cup machine can give your employees and visitors freshly ground coffee at the touch of a button.

Smokin Bean Cafe

Resolution 3: Recycle your coffee grounds

With a bean to cup machine you are naturally going to need to dispose of the ground coffee, but it doesn’t have to completely go to waste. Put coffee grounds in your office plants or the flower beds outside. They are a nutrient-rich addition to the soil to help plants thrive.

Resolution 4: Encourage the use of reusable cups and bottles

This year we gave all our employees a new Tchibo branded water bottle to minimise the need for any of our employees to buy single-use, plastic water bottles. We also provide every new starter with a KeepCup when they join. This is a great initiative for offices to adopt to ensure they are not generating excess waste.

For visitors and guests, make sure you supply crockery if possible, or choose a cup made from sustainable material, like VegWare packaging.

Smokin' Bean KeepCup

Resolution 5: Talk to each other

We are all guilty of sending an email when we could just as easily walk over to talk in person or pick up the phone. We have been running several mental health initiatives in our HQ this year like appointing Mental Health First Aiders and holding men’s health month amongst others, and we think it’s good to talk. You could support this in your office by running a ‘No Email Day’. Encourage staff not to email for one day to encourage more personal communication. You could even make this a sponsored event and raise money for a charity of your choice.

If you’re starting to think about resolutions now, we hope you’ll consider some of these ideas to kickstart the new year in your workplace.

To arrange sustainable, great tasting coffee for your office ready for a fresh start in 2020, get in touch today!

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