At Tchibo Coffee Service we’re proud to be able to offer our colleagues training and development tailored to their needs. Nothing is off the table when it comes to development and we invest in the continuous growth of our people.

Here are a few of the great ways we invest in our colleagues:

Everyone is trained to be a barista
We sell coffee so, regardless of our role or whether we drink coffee ourselves, we all know how to make a good cup. Also, this kind of helps as we have a traditional barista machine in our café, so we need to know how to use it to get our caffeine fix!

coffee pouring into a mug out of a machein
specialty coffee association hall of fame with pictures of employees who have partaken this

We offer free Speciality Coffee Association training
Our Coffee Excellence Trainer, Mark, is an authorised Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) trainer too, which means that he is qualified to deliver SCA training for all levels and assess the final exams.
Mark hosts SCA training to our colleagues once a month, and there are currently around 70 of us certified at Foundation level or above.

We support all training
We understand that training is important for us as individuals and for the wider business, so we support our colleagues with external training courses, online training and other qualifications wherever possible.

We train each other!
We have a lot of professional expertise within our company and we want to share what we know! We run internal training sessions where our subject matter experts share their inside knowledge in classrooms of Tchibo people keen to learn more.
This year alone, we are running training sessions on how to deliver a great presentation, how to master latte art, writing for social media, employment rights, CV writing skills, frappe recipes, sales & negotiation and more.

We have many colleagues who have worked here at Tchibo for over 10 years (and some over 20 years!), which goes to show how we have supported their career development internally. You can read a few of our colleagues’ stories here.

If you’re interested in starting or furthering you career at Tchibo Coffee Service, have a look at our current vacancies.

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