Everyone who’s anyone is carrying a reusable water bottle these days. And it’s not just a fashion accessory. In 2016, 20,000 disposable plastic bottles were sold every second1, and the majority were not destined for recycling. As news spread about the vast amount of plastic ending up in landfill, the general public demanded a more sustainable solution.

As a result, almost 1 in 5 consumers have bought a reusable water bottle in the last 12 months2 and sales do not seem to be slowing. This is great news for our wildlife, our oceans – our planet – and it’s something Smokin’ Bean very much support.

We’ve long been promoting the use of KeepCups for coffee, but we wanted to support our coffee-to-go customers (and consumers) more in their war on waste. We know that our consumers are carrying around a water bottle, but what happens when the water runs out? Where are they going to wash out their bottle and refill it when they’re on the go? We aim to answer these questions with our new water refill station, which is currently being trialled at Parkfoot Filling Station, West Malling.

Smokin' Bean Parkfoot

Making its debut at Parkfoot Filling Station, West Malling, is our all-new concept that sits alongside our unique Smokin’ Bean Coffee Destination. Available on a trial basis, it allows customers to rinse out their reusable bottle and refill it with water for free.

Aside from the previously mentioned market trends surrounding reusable water bottles, what other benefits are there to retailers considering installing a water station?

Installing a water refill station can drive footfall

To the retailer, having a destination that is forward-thinking and meets a genuine need is helpful in driving footfall and repeat business. Promote your destination effectively and you’ll get spontaneous visits, and once customers know that your store offers more than your competitors, they’ll be back.

It presents the opportunity to upsell

There is also the opportunity to upsell coffee and food to go as the refill station is on the coffee unit. The tempting smell of the coffee and the artisan aesthetic will be almost irresistible. And it’s not only coffee; stocking reusable bottles and reusable coffee cups can also prompt spontaneous purchases.

Smokin' Bean Water Refill Unit

You are selling added convenience

For the consumer, it’s the added convenience of being to refill their water while they are travelling – and convenience is everything.

In addition to all these benefits, we are all helping the planet by reducing the need to buy disposable plastic bottles and addressing the war on waste.

Promoting environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for the consumer on the go is something retailers should consider to keep ahead of the curve. What are your thoughts on offering a free water refill station in your store or forecourt?

To discuss how we could help your site with sustainable solutions, get in touch.

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