We’re nearing the end of March and it’s not long until the clocks go back, so at Tchibo Coffee Service we’ve already been thinking about Summer and new drink trends for 2019. So, what is happening in the market right now?

As consumers, we are becoming much more health conscious, with many consumers wanting to look and feel healthier. This has contributed to a shift in the drinks market, with brand marketing now being influenced by the beauty industry.

Out are the high calorie sugary drinks and artificial energy drinks, in with multi-purpose all-singing, all-dancing drinks which promote overall good health – as well boosting our mood. The market is currently stocking some of the trendiest ready-to-drink concoctions such as CBD oil, apple cider vinegar, floral infusions and matcha energy drinks, not to mention all the different milk varieties.

It seems a frappuccino or slushy is no longer going to cut it. We want all the flavour, minus the calories. So how can you offer your customers something virtuous without compromising on flavour? That’s where we come in, not only do we have some great low sugar summer drinks for the calorie conscious consumers, but we now also stock ready-to-drink cans for those of you that are just too busy to mess around in the kitchen.

Robyn Chamberlain-Webber is Tchibo Coffee Service’s Marketing Assistant and resident expert in our specialty drinks range. Here are her favourite drinks options for a healthy summer!

Robyn Chamberlain Webber, Marketing Assistant
goji tea

Suki Cold Brew – Goji Berry & Pomegranate Tea

For anyone that thinks summer drinks take up a lot of resources and time , this is for you. Its just so simple – and my personal favourite. All you do is submerge the tea in water (using our CoffeeGator Cold Brewer) for up to 24 hours and it’s done!

I love watching people try this tea, the surprise on their faces when they realise it’s just tea and water. We have a wide variety of other suitable teas for cold brew if this one doesn’t tickle your fancy.

Turmeric Chai Frappe

This one ticks the box for the health-conscious consumers. I know what you’re thinking, but trust me, its tastier than it sounds. I am not a fan of turmeric in hot drinks, but in this frappe it adds a subtle zing. Did I mention the health benefits? Turmeric is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory qualities and active ingredient curcumin. Word to the wise, easy on the Chai; too much and it’s a curry in a cup.

turmeric chai frappe

Skinny Vanilla Iced Cappuccino

Forget that heavy creamed frappe that you need to spend a lifetime in the gym working off, this light, airy cappuccino gives you that hit of caffeine you’ve been craving without sending you into cardiac arrest. I love the foamed milk on the top, it adds the creamy flavour without all the calories. Did I mention the vanilla syrup is sugar free?

Matcha Lime Crush

Come on – it’s a healthy summer drinks blog- I had to mention matcha somewhere! This tangy little treat is a great little thirst quencher on those scorching summer days. Matcha is full of antioxidants, boosts metabolism and burns calories, its rich in fibre too1! That’s green goodness! Add a splash of tequila and you’ve got healthy margarita (of sorts).

matcha lime crush

Ok, so these are all great, but not everyone has time to make these creations.  These days we’re all fast paced people, running around, working 9 – 5, hitting the gym, trying to eat right and stay hydrated. Its not easy. Especially when you are craving a sugar hit.

Gunna Canned Drinks

Let me introduce you to GUNNA…

Forget your average sugarlicious carbonated drink; these crafty little cans are big on flavor and little on sugar (less than 5% to be exact). They are 73 calories per can to be exact and they don’t contain any artificial colours or preservatives. What’s not to love? Popping up in our new Espresso Warehouse catalogue are three GUNNA flavours: Pink Punk (Natural Raspberry & Lemon), Muscovite (Natural Lemon & Mint) & Steelworks (Natural Ginger & Cola). With carbonated soft drinks being the third most popular non-alcoholic drink (after tea and coffee)2, these are a must have.

They say leave the best till last and I think I have. Low calorie is good and all, but what about zero calories? That’s right, NO calories whatsoever.

Say hello to DASH Water

Yes, I did say water. Also packaged in can form, these beauts are refreshingly light, sparkling water with a hint of fruit. They are crafted here in the UK by two farmers who were sick of waste, so decided to use all their wonky fruit & veggies. Dash water is made using only three ingredients; British spring water, wonky fruit and bubbles! Choose between Blackcurrants, Raspberries, or Lemons. Perfect little hydrator with subtle fruit flavours and no bad stuff. These are great served over ice with a little fruit (or for those of you who are feeling naughty, add a glug of gin!).

dash water

If any (or all!) of these delicious recipes have whet your appetite, you can find all the ingredients and recipes in our Espresso Warehouse range.

Have you given any a try? Let us know your verdict in the comments!

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