Did you know that 80% of the UK drink coffee, tea and other hot drinks out of the home? That’s a lot of people so it’s little wonder that coffee-to-go is a massive growth area within the coffee market.

With young people placing increased value on ethical coffee sourcing, coffee quality and eco-friendly products, Tchibo Coffee Service realised that the UK’s busy millennials were not looking for a sad, bland coffee in a plastic cup, but a sustainable, traceable and environmentally friendly coffee-to-go brand, with a focus on quality taste….and so Smokin’ Bean was created!

An artisan coffee-to-go

Smokin’ Bean was developed by a team of young professionals at Tchibo Coffee Service ready to make their mark. It’s a reflection of the changing needs of the younger, growing market who called out for more from their coffee.

Using their expert knowledge of the industry and the market, alongside a passion for ethical, great tasting coffee, they created a brand more artisan and forward-thinking than some major recognised brands, yet less niche than some small batch coffee roasters.

How we stand out from the crowd

Consumer expectations of coffee are continuing to rise. Even when on the go they expect their coffee to be as good as anything prepared by a trained barista and that’s why we placed a big focus on sourcing the best.

Smokin beanies millenials

The beans are 100% Arabica. They are delicately picked and processed and finally ground through the Carimali bean-to-cup machine. The taste has been described as “delicately sweet and nutty with vanilla notes and bursts of fruit acidity” (but if you’re not into all that, just know it’s genuinely delicious).

Smokin’ Bean serves 8 speciality drinks, 6 delicious coffees, a Fairtrade Hot Chocolate and premium Suki Tea. Plus customers can add an extra shot of coffee or flavoured syrup for free. We’ve already had feedback that consumers are loving the free shot, so this is a real winner!

What we do behind the scenes

We are committed to sustainable coffee production and caring for our environment, so along with the increased scrutiny on this from consumers, it was a no-brainer that Smokin’ Bean would place a heavy emphasis on ethics.

smokin bean workers
  • We know our stuff
    Smokin’ Bean is Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic certified. We’re the only coffee-to-go brand that is triple certified!
  • Fairtrade coffee or no deal
    We source coffee beans through Fairtrade cooperatives in Nicaragua, Bolivia and Peru.
  • Compostable coffee-to-go cups
    We use only 100% compostable and biodegradable Bioware cups and all our café destinations use sustainable materials.

We’ve also produced some Smokin’ Bean branded KeepCups to reduce wastage even further.

The Smokin’ Bean Experience

Have you seen Smokin’ Bean?

Smokin' Bean installation

It stands out. It’s not your average looking self-serve coffee machine; it has the look and feel of an artisan coffee shop. Its style is exposed brickwork and light bulbs, chalk boards and rustic style wood; it certainly turns heads.

In a nutshell

Life is busy. We get it. Getting from A to B, from here, there to everywhere, means convenience is everything . Smokin’ Bean provides a premium self-serve café destination, offering quality coffee when you’re running at 100mph!

Find out more about how Smokin’ Bean is the perfect coffee-to-go for your business >

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