New research from Allegra suggests that almost 70% of us drink at least one cup of coffee at work every day, yet over a fifth of workers say they are dissatisfied with the coffee offered at work. We think that is a sad state of affairs. Good coffee is a basic human necessity, right?

Like coffee superheroes, we are here to rescue you from bad coffee in the workplace. Here are some ways you can improve the coffee you have in your office, so you need never tolerate subpar coffee during the 9-5 again!

1. Good quality coffee is vital!

Not all coffees were created equally. Make sure you pick the best. Especially since such a huge percentage of workers are relying on this to fuel their day.

Make sure you look for a sustainable, traceable, environmentally friendly, 100% arabica coffee to tick all the boxes.

2. Mix it up with different ‘milks’

Even if you haven’t been participating in Veganuary, or you love a traditional latte, don’t rule out other types of ‘milk’. Oat, nut, soya, rice and coconut ‘milks’ all have different flavour notes and bring something different to your coffee experience, so branch out! You never know you might like it!

3. Treat yourself

While we’re on the subject of mixing up flavours, treat yourself to a shot or two of flavoured syrup. It’s like having that coffee shop experience, but you don’t even have to leave the building. And your coffee will still be hot by the time you get back to your desk. Perfect to get you through your afternoon of staring at financials.

4. Get rid of your kettle

According to Allegra, the kettle is the most commonly used means of making coffee at work. A kettle and instant coffee a far cry from your authentic coffee experience. And who says you shouldn’t have an authentic coffee experience at work?

Whole bean = coffee heaven. And you don’t need to know how to use a fancy barista machine to make a coffee using whole beans. A good bean to cup machine will give you all the great coffee, with no skill required. Just press the button and the beans are ground there and then and transformed into your perfect pick-me-up.

electric kettle

5. Create a destination

It’s good to take breaks from the screen regularly throughout the day. It gives your eyes a rest, helps you recharge and it’s good for networking. We often talk about the ‘water-cooler’ conversations, but where the good stuff really gets discussed is at the coffee machine.

Make it a café destination, not just a machine. It will make the experience all the more enjoyable and happy workers mean hard workers! You don’t even need much room; just a metre or so squared is all you need to make your coffee break a café break. It just needs a backdrop, some lighting and a little info on the coffee beans to completely transform the look and feel.

Workers of Britain: you don’t need to put up with bad coffee at work anymore! You deserve better than that.

Chat to us about getting triple certified, 100% arabica coffee in your office here.

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