Our History

We’ve been serving great coffee for over 75 years. Here’s our story…


Pronounced [CHEE BO] the name Tchibo is derived from the words Tchiling (the co-founder of the company) and the German for ‘bean’ (‘Bohne’).


Hamburg native Max Herz, a merchant by trade, and his business partner Carl Tchiling Hiryan lay the foundation for today’s Tchibo Group. Their business idea of sending roasted coffee to customers by mail revolutionised the coffee market.

Sharing our Passion

Here at Tchibo we believe in educating our staff in everything to do with coffee, its history and the equipment we use to produce it. We also provide comprehensive training to all our customers.


The first Tchibo coffee shop opens its doors at 10 Caffamacherreihe, Hamburg. It lets customers sample a cup of coffee before buying a whole packet. A cup of Gold Mocca with sugar and cream cost 20 pfennig.



The founding of Tchibo Coffee Service.


The freshly-roasted coffee bean is launched as a catchy, memorable symbol of Tchibo’s high quality.


Tchibo opens offices in Hungary (Tchibo Budapest) and Slovakia (Tchibo Slovensko). The first site in the Czech Republic is founded, in Prague. Tchibo Coffee Service enters the market shortly after in the United Kingdom.


The Coffea system is launched offering Tchibo’s unique Café Grande caramelised bean.

Perfect Partners

Tchibo Coffee Service has a diverse brand and product portfolio, cutting edge equipment, comprehensive service, training resources and innovative marketing solutions.


Exclusive to Tchibo, Davidoff Café is launched for coffee connoisseurs.



Tchibo’s Fairtrade brand Vista is launched, with a huge impact on the education sector.



Tchibo’s Rainforest Alliance certified authentic Italian coffee
brand is launched.


Tchibo enters the tea market with brands Sir Henry and Pure Tea Selection.


The Piccolo concept is launched strengthening our forecourt and convenience  sector markets.


Tchibo One Concept is launched offering the convenience and freshness of capsule coffee with the flair of a traditional coffee system.


Smokin’ Bean is launched into the coffee to go market in the UK.

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