Fairtrade Fortnight is two weeks dedicated to promoting the welfare and well-being of those who grow our food, drinks and cotton; people who are often exploited and not paid a fair wage. Fairtrade Fortnight relies on consumers and suppliers to fight for change and demand that all producers of these goods are receiving a living income.

You’ve probably seen the Fairtrade mark on our coffee and hot chocolate, so you’re familiar with the certification, but how much do you actually know about Fairtrade?

As Fairtrade Fortnight is coming up (it starts on Monday 24th February), we thought we’d share some facts about Fairtrade that you may not know…

1. The Fairtrade mark was launched in the UK in 1994

2. There are 1411 Fairtrade certified producer organisations in 73 countries

3. There are more than 4,500 Fairtrade products available to buy in the UK

4. Products carrying the Fairtrade mark adhere to rigorous rules to protect workers and the environment

5. 23% of all farmers in Fairtrade are women

6. Of all of the Fairtrade farmers and workers, 49% farm or work with coffee

7. Columbia is the largest provider of Fairtrade coffee

8. Fairtrade coffee accounts for 25% of total coffee sales in the UK

9. 26% of people regularly choose Fairtrade products

10. 80% of coffee is produced by 25 million smallholders

You can find out how you can raise awareness this Faritrade Fortnight here.

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Our Vista coffee brand is Fairtrade certified, as well as our hot chocolate and a number of products in our Espresso Warehouse range. Smokin’ Bean is triple certified – it is Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade and Organic.

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