At Tchibo Coffee Service we are proud to call ourselves an established TUCO partner and hot beverage framework supplier. We have many years of experience providing coffee to universities, colleges and schools, so we know a thing or two about what works in education!

Whether you are looking to cater for students, staff or visitors, or looking for coffee for cafés, halls of residence or offices, the end result is the same; everyone is looking for a great cup of coffee.

So, what makes the journey to a perfect cup of coffee for the education sector?

Start with quality products

The journey to the perfect cup starts with the star of the show: the coffee bean. Only the best coffee beans make the best cup of coffee. Always choose coffee that you have taste tested yourself. Most coffee providers offer coffee tastings so that you can choose a coffee brand that you love as well as your customers.

coffee beans spilling from cup

Use cutting edge coffee equipment

The coffee machine you use is also very important in producing a high-quality coffee. As expectations of coffee are continuing to rise, the market has shifted from instant coffee to whole bean. For university and college restaurants or halls of residence, we recommend a bean to cup machine for the convenience of a self-serve, time and labour efficient machine but with whole coffee beans. For cafes and coffee shops traditional, barista operated machines are the way to go for a real coffee experience.

Dedicated support from coffee suppliers

The next step in the perfect coffee is the serve – ensure those making your coffee become barista legends!

Look for a coffee machine supplier who can offer dedicated support and training to ensure you always serve great coffee. Look for SCA qualified trainers so you know your team are learning from the best! We think it’s super important that your baristas are not only trained in coffee preparation, but also how to properly care for and clean the equipment, as well as understand the history of coffee and have an in-depth knowledge of the product.

Master this and you’ll be on your way to a perfect coffee in no time.

barista training session

Make sure you have access to technical experts

Once you have premium coffee, a top quality machine to produce it and skilled baristas to serve it, you are going to need to make sure you can maintain it to keep the grind going.

To keep you serving coffee, other drinks and snacks, make sure you keep on top of your product reorders. To make it easier for you, some bean to cup machines are fitted with telemetry to auto replenish stock as and when you need it. It’s also a good idea to choose a supplier than can offer next day delivery, meaning you’ll never be waiting too long for product!

Technical support is one of the most important behind-the-scenes aspects of offering coffee to your customers. You need to be confident that technical support is on hand and that fixes can be arranged as soon as possible – to minimise downtime and without the need to have your machine removed to be fixed offsite.

Bear this in mind when choosing a coffee supplier to ensure availability and consistency consistently for your customers.

Look for full brand support

Once you have your perfect coffee sorted you’ll need to promote it so your customers know what you’re serving and how great it is!

Make sure you have all the support you need to shout about your coffee. Look for a provider who can supply you with tailored brand support by way of posters, table talkers, customised menu boards, seasonal drinks, loyalty programmes and social media support.

The final destination: perfect coffee

The final step is delivering that perfect cup to your students, staff or visitors and knowing they’ll be back again because your coffee is second to none!.

Vista latte being poured

Tchibo Coffee Service has a wide range of state-of-the-art machines, quality coffee brands and excellent technical service (with an 8 working hour response time for critical coffee machine issues!)

Read more on our website and get in touch to discuss coffee solutions for your university, college or school!

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