A few weeks ago we gave our tips on what we’ve learnt so far when it comes to serving coffee during the pandemic. These were practical tips for baristas and anyone else working on the floor, interacting with the general public.

Since then, we’ve been working hard to help hotels with self-serve coffee solutions during these unusual times. Here are our ideas on how to manage self-serve coffee in the COVID-19 era.

Navigating the coffee area

First off, you’ll need to direct guests to the coffee machine. But you don’t want them approaching from all angles and standing too close to each other. This is when simple floor stickers come in. Use these to create a one-way system to direct the coffee drinkers to the machine and minimise contact. Place the stickers two metres apart to remind people to socially distance when queuing.

Tchibo covid 19 floor stickers
Tchibo hand sanitising station

Now wash your hands

Using a self-serve machine may make some guests feel nervous – after all, they will be using a machine that many other people have been touching. Keep the machine clean and boost guest confidence by placing an automatic hand sanitisation station next to the coffee machine. Include signage to explain hands must be sanitised prior to using. This will minimise the spread of germs.

Make sure surfaces are wiped clean

Gone are the days of the table cloth! Make sure the surface you put your coffee machine on is wipe clean – and wipe it down very regularly. Branded custom-made, washable boards can make your table stand out and can be wiped down as often as necessary. Much easier to keep clean than a table cloth and no laundry to do!

Tchibo wipe clean coffee boards
Tchibo branded coffee carts

Mobile Coffee Solutions

There’s no doubting that events aren’t what they used to be, but for small conferences or intimate weddings, make your coffee station portable so the same group can use it whichever room they are in.

Mobile carts fit the bill as they are on wheels for easy transportation, and they can easily be wiped clean. You can also incorporate the private use of a bean to cup machine into your delegate day rate. This will increase guest satisfaction by including an added extra to your hotels conference package. It also means you do not need to stock coffee flasks by a fixed break times; it’s there for the delegates to use, any time!

Again, the tips from our previous blog apply to keep your guests as safe as can be: use individually wrapped sugar sticks, only set out the number of cups you need, and keep the cleaning coming!

Tchibo Coffee Service can offer the tools you need to serve coffee during this period, from automatically dispensing hand sanitisation stations, to floor stickers, custom boards and branded carts. Our mobile coffee carts come on wheels, run from a 13amp power supply and have space for a portable water supply. They are practical and easy to use: everything you need to ensure a perfect coffee serve!

Get in touch today to find out more.

Do you have any other tips for food and coffee service during this time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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